(Please read the Congressional Charter Bylaws for detailed information concerning duties of Officers.)


Presides at all meetings.

Ensures that post business and activities do not violate any laws or regulations.

Appoints the Adjutant, Chaplain, Judge Advocate, and Officer of the Day.

Approves all funds disbursed and countersigns with QM post checks.

Assures that all dues are paid to District, Department and National, along with accurate reporting.

Attends all properly called District and Department meetings.

Senior Vice Commander (SVC)

Presides at meetings in absence of the Commander.

Understudy and assists the Commander in the performancer of his duties.

Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Junior Vice Commander (JVC)

Presides at meetings in absence of Commander and SVC.

Understudy and assists the Commander in the performance of his duties.

Buddy Poppy Chairman.

Quartermaster (QM)

Receives all funds and other properties of the Post.

Pays out funds when properly authorized at Post meetings.

Ensures the position is properly bonded.

Collects all monies due to the Post and gives receipts.

Transfers dues payable to the VFA Department and National Organizations.

Maintains books and records and keeps them ready for inspection at any time.


Prepares all reports at the direction of the Commander.

Attests by his signature and the seal of the Post all official activities of the Post.

Keeps the following books and/or files properly prepared.

Rituals, Bylaws, Manual of Procedure  and orders and circulars of National, District and Post.

The original application of every member of the Post.

A record of proceedings of each Post meeting that has been approved by the membership.

A correspondence file.

A role of departed comrades.


Visits the sick and shut-in Post members and reports on same.

Organizes and leads all Post and ceremonial prayers.

Organizes and leads all Burial and Memorial services.

Judge Advocate

Provides the Commander interpretations of the By-Laws, Manual of Procedures and Rituals.

Interprets local laws as they apply to Post operations.


Promotes health programs for the benefit of the Post and the community.

Maintains an up to date file on prevailing health issues.


Conducts a quarterly audit of the QM books and records and committee records, and reports the results to the Post members and the State Quartermaster.

Service Officer

Assists members of the Post and their families obtain rightful benefits from federal and state governments.